LEONARDO living SHINE bedsystems

When LEONARDO living SHINE was being developed the motto of the `LEONARDO love for glass´ has subtly been incorporated and brought to life. Here glass sets bright accents, refines the furniture, lets it shine and provides an agreeable and comfortable lightness.

The comfortable bed with soft cushioning elements on the headboard invites you to relax and dream. The optional lighting with colour changer gives the bed additional shine, which can easily be repeated with the sliding door cabinet. The ambient lighting on the base is available in the 4 standard widths of the cabinet.

LEONARDO living SHINE also offers a solution for small bedrooms. The bed with 140 cm width as well as the wardrobe-width of 200 cm create ideal sleeping and storage space for singles or guest rooms.

The optional lighting on the bed, which is passed on to the free-standing bedsides, makes the bed appear to float.

The attention to detail can be seen in countless places of the product: the handmade cross-stitch seam on the upholstery, the innovative side table as a bedside solution, the lighting on the chrome-trimmed chests or the optional wardrobe handle with lighting are some examples of this elaborately designed bedroom program LEONARDO living SHINE. Further information you can find in our brochure.