Frequently asked questions

Where do I get the furniture from geha?

You receive our furniture at your furniture store (see retailer search)

Which cabinet heights are available?

There is the standard-cabinet height 232.5 cm. However, you can also choose quite individually – according to your rooms – variable heights up to 248.5 cm plus cornice (optionally).

Which bed dimensions are available?

The beds are offered in many different dimensions, there are single beds 90-or 100-cm width as well as beds in up to width 200 cm. The standard bed length is 200 cm. Special bedside lengths 190, 210 or 220 cm are also possible.

Do you sell only complete bedrooms?
Of course you can buy from geha also single wardrobes, beds and complementary furniture (chests, shelves etc.).
How should the furniture from geha be maintained?
The surfaces are wiped of with an antistatic duster drily. Spots you can remove, while you use a clammy chamois leather (never to wet ones!). Wipe always only in the direction of the wooden grain and postrub well with a dry cloth.

The surfaces are already provided with a protective coating, please do not use sprays, polishes or solvents because these can cause spots or discolorations.

Does geha also produce custom made furniture like depths, width  reductions and bevellings?
Door and window superstructures are no problem. The variable geha system can be planned centimetre-exactly, as if it was the inside removal of the carpenter.

Bevellings (lateral or rear) and not only in bedroom: everywhere where tailor-made cabinet space is required, offers geha the perfect solution.

Does geha produce also room dividers (sliding door systems)?
geha offers the intelligent multi functional solution - not only for the bedroom! Individually applicable as a wall unit without cabinet for difficult rooms, niches, roof slopes etc. variable room divider or walkable wardrobe of course with complete cabinet interior equipment. Room-high doors glide silently on aluminium rails between floor and ceiling.
Where can I receive type lists and brochures?
In the area of download you can find PDF documents.