On the 20.03.1891 Josef Henrichsmeyer (grandfather of the today`s director) was born in Hövelhof. After an education as carpenter he arranged in 1913 already his first master craftmans workshop. During the beginning years windows, doors and bedrooms were manufactured according to own drawings or by customer wishes. In the 20s the specialisation on manufacturing bedrooms took place.



Entry in commercial register as Gebr. Henrichsmeyer GmbH (geha Möbelwerke ) of the brothers Josef and Heinrich Henrichsmeyer.



Death of the brother. (company name geha = brothers Henrichsmeyer). The shares of the brother go back to the company founder.



Sudden death of the company founder Josef Henrichsmeyer in an accident.
His son Rudolf Henrichsmeyer, takes over operations.



Fragmentation of the company companies in geha-Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG and Rudolf Henrichsmeyer formaplan GmbH & Co.
Formaplan produces furniture parts and flat-packed furniture for furniture manufacturers, distributors and multi-channel providers. The spectrum reaches from the raw chip board in fixed meassurements up to the flat-packed furniture. Besides all manufacturing levels can be supplied in between.
You find further details about the enterprise formaplan here: formaplan.de. Within the scope of the technical progress it was invested during the following years consecutively in the most modern production plants and production engineering. With a size of company of 130,000 m ² (covered area> 50,000 m ²) belongs geha to the biggest manufacturers of highly qualitative cubicle piece of furniture in Germany.



Admission of the son Rolf Henrichsmeyer into the Henrichsmeyer group.



Rolf Henrichsmeyer becomes director of the company.



Admission of Jörg Großestrangmann as a manager technics/production.



Extensive investments in manufacturing lines, establishment of a wood-heating power work, foundation formaplan Komponenty in Poland.





Admission of Werner Schirmer as a commercial manager. 





Construction of a manufacturing hall with 9,000 m ² base area. Introduction of the new legacy system SAP in the whole enterprise.



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